The Best Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Our Lives

Smart assistants integrated into our phones, such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, are the most well-known examples of AI that many of us use on a daily basis. Mobile technology platforms are also developing solutions that use AI to manage different aspects of the device, such as battery management, event suggestions, etc. Cruise's autonomous vehicles are some of the first in the world to hit the road and use AI to lead the way. Autonomous vehicles collect a massive amount of data every day, which AI uses to learn about the best safety measures, driving techniques and the most efficient routes. Did you know that The World Bee Project is using artificial intelligence to save bees? The global bee population is declining, and this is bad news for our planet and our food supply.

In partnership with Oracle, The World Bee Project is collecting data through sensors, microphones and Internet of Things cameras in hives. This data is then uploaded to the cloud and analyzed using artificial intelligence to identify patterns or trends that could guide early interventions to help bees survive. AI also facilitates the exchange of information in real time on a global scale and the adoption of measures to save bees. Examples of AI that impact our lives today include FaceID on iPhones, the search algorithm on Google and the recommendation algorithm on Netflix. You'll also find other examples of how AI is used today on social networks, in digital assistants such as Alexa and in transportation applications such as Uber. If you're interested in learning more about examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning, check out the PG Machine Learning Diploma & Certification from IIIT-B.

This program is designed for working professionals and offers more than 450 hours of rigorous training, more than 30 case studies & tasks, IIIT-B alumnus status, more than 5 practical & practical final projects & job assistance at major firms. Some of the biggest names in tech are using artificial intelligence. For example, Facebook uses AI to monitor trillions of posts and find words and patterns that could indicate false news. It's important to have a solid knowledge of programming languages if you want to understand or build artificial intelligence systems. Google Assistant can also handle calls when you call a toll-free number and they put you on hold. It will let you know when a real person is ready to talk to you.

There are four types of artificial intelligence: reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind and self-consciousness. AI is also being used by marketers to manage marketing and advertising campaigns more effectively. For example, when I receive a message on WhatsApp, some quick replies appear at the top of the notification depending on the message. AI can also be used to filter emails that contain certain words or phrases. In another effort to stop the decline of endangered species through the use of AI, the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society at the University of Southern California uses an unmanned aerial vehicle to detect poachers and locate animals. AI is also streamlining processes and opening up new innovative avenues for the health industry.

John Dee
John Dee

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