10 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic concept. It is already present in our daily lives, from the way we navigate to the way we shop. AI is used to analyze data, recognize patterns, and make decisions. It can be used to improve the user experience, increase efficiency, and even save lives.

In this article, we will explore 10 examples of AI in everyday life. Navigation on trips is one of the most common uses of AI. Smartphone apps such as Google Maps use AI to analyze traffic patterns and suggest the fastest route to your destination. AI can also be used to recognize incidents such as traffic accidents or road construction and adjust the route accordingly. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter use AI to personalize your feed and suggest content that you may be interested in. AI can also be used to detect offensive or racist material and prevent cyberbullying. Digital voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana use natural language processing and AI-powered generators to return answers to your questions.

These assistants can also be used to control smart home devices such as lights, thermostats, and security systems. Smartphones use AI for facial recognition when unlocking the device. Apple's FaceID uses machine learning algorithms to compare the scan of your face with what it has stored on your face to determine if the person trying to unlock the phone is you or not. Apps such as LucidPix use facial recognition to detect a user's face with the “3D Face” feature, which allows users to capture and convert their selfies into 3D photos. On Facebook, facial recognition is used to identify faces in photos and invite users to tag themselves or their Facebook friends. Smart cars are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to detect obstacles on the road and adjust speed accordingly. They can also be used for autonomous driving, which requires AI for navigation. Music and video streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix use AI to recommend content based on your past history.

This helps you discover new music or movies that you may be interested in. Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to automate tasks such as turning on lights or adjusting the thermostat. Alexa and Bixby come to mind when thinking about the use of AI in developing smart homes. AI can also be used in healthcare. It can help analyze chronic diseases with laboratory and other medical data to ensure an early diagnosis. Finally, artificial intelligence is widely used in the online advertising industry. It is used not only to track user statistics but also to show us ads based on those statistics.


As you can see, artificial intelligence is already being used in our daily lives in a variety of ways.

From navigation apps to smart homes, AI is making our lives easier and more efficient. As technology continues to evolve, so will the applications of AI.

John Dee
John Dee

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